This huges one is selfconstructed and has a weight about 6kg, without batterys and no payload. You can lift around 5kg. Fitting DSLR, thermografic Cams or other instruments like 3D-Scanner is possible.


eimg_20130806_110232-801979988.jpgThat happens when you touch carbon rotorblades. First I did not realize what happened. Because of the sharpness I felt nothing that monent. I only saw lots of blood everywhere around me, then I realized whats going up …


The Frame of a Tarrot with retrakts and Skycrane. A perfect balancing system.


universal and compact airsystem with heavy payload, but it is to get ready in a few minutes



My first multicopter with a Multiwii Ver 2.x. In the year 2010, no one has ever heard anything about drones. No one could believe that something like this were be able to fly!




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