Attacko 2.5 Alpin from ChocoFly. It is the stronger version then series because it’s Daniels prototype to perform showflights for marketing. So you’re be able to perform triagonal loops from full speed freefall of 500m hight down near ground. The glider climb also perfect in thermals with circles on the point. It’s a Hotliner and also a thermal glider in one carbon cover. Unbelievable!!! 2,5m/1000w



Was my Activist R.I.P. . Never buy a Wildflug. The wings are blowing like a balloon because of less glue in the front edge. 1,7m/1600W



EVO Competition, seems like an Activist, but it’s absolut precise and stong mouldet. I love the EVO! 1,7m/1600-2000W


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